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How do license upgrades and renewals work?


Renewals and Upgrades are two separate operations. Users can renew or upgrade their license at any time. If renewing and upgrading together its best to renew first then upgradefor the best price.


Renewals are required to keep using the software.Your license key is valid for one year from the purchase date. An active license key is needed for continued access to updates, security patches,bug fixes, new features and support. Below are some key points for renewals.

  1. Emails will only ever be sent out one month before expiration & one day before expiration.
  2. Upon purchase or renewal your license expiration date will be extended for another year.



License upgrades are seamless and easy to apply. The cost of upgrade is equal to the price of the new license minus the price of your existing license.For example: if you bought Duplicator Pro Personal for $69 and want to upgrade to Freelancer $89 then your upgrade cast would be $20.

Upgrade Steps

To upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Duplicator Account
  2. Goto: Purchases tab > ‘View Licenses’ > ‘View Upgrades’
  3. Choose the upgrade level and checkout.
    Note: When upgrading to a different version the billing will automatically get handled for you.
  4. In your WordPress Admin: Go to Duplicator Pro > Settings > Licensing. This will retrieve the license level from our server so you should see information thatdescribes the level which you just upgraded to.
Upgrade Prices
Current Product Upgrade Price
Personal > Freelancer $40
Personal > Business $160
Personal > Gold $461
Freelancer > Business $120
Freelancer > Gold $421
Business > Gold $301



Upgrade & Renew Together

At the moment, our shopping cart does not handle renewals and upgrades in the same transaction, therefore if you want to do both an upgrade and renewal, you will haveto execute it in two orders.

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