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How do site licenses work?


When you purchase a product, it comes with one license key that can be activated per site, depending on the plan purchased.

Multisite Example:
If you have a WordPress multisite, then the entire site including all subsites will consume only 1 license. For example, if you have a multisite with 100 subsites then only 1 license key is needed for that entire multisite – subsites do not require a key. Please note that only the Pro/Elite products have extended multisite support.


  • In Plugin: You can easily deactivate a license by going to WordPress Admin > Duplicator Pro > Settings > Licensing tab > “Deactivate” button.
  • Delete Plugin: When a user deactivates and deletes the plugin then the license will also be deactivated from the Duplicator server.
  • Dashboard: In the event you purge a site before deactivating the license or deleting the plugin you can log in to the account and deactivate the license that way as well.



You can upgrade to the plan via the to get more licenses. Upgrades can happen at anytime and are a separate process from renewing.

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