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  1. Build Package: Build a package on the source site. It’s important to not filter any tables or core WordPress directories (these are required for Drag and Drop to work with the package)
  2. Save Package: Click the Download button on the row associated with the package you built in step 1 and click the “Archive” option to save the installer.php and archive to your local PC.
  3. Install Plugin: Install the Duplicator Pro plugin just like you did on the source site (Plugins > Add New > Upload then Activate)
  4. Upload Archive: Go to Duplicator Pro > Import > Drag the archive you downloaded on step 2 to the import area of the destination site to start the upload process and review archive details.
  5. Recovery Point: Set an optional (see above) if needed.
  6. Launch Installer: Launch the installer and continue through the wizard screens.

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