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What are some common pre-sales questions most asked?

Question 1Build Interrupt
How does Duplicator Pro resolve “Build Interrupt” errors found in the Lite version?

In many cases the answer is yes, however it really depends on your servers capabilities and the overall size of your package.If your trying to backup a 10GB site on a budget host the chances will be much lower that the servers specs can handle it, without adding directoryexclusion filters.

However if your using a higher end server or VPS where you have more flexibility and control of the servers settingsthen we have seen large packages over 8GB build without issues.

Remember we do have a full 14 day money-back guarantee should the product not meet your needs.

Question 2WP Config Settings
How does Duplicator Pro change WP-Config settings?

The Duplicator Pro Installer allows you to set the following in the destination site’s wp-config.php file:

Posts / Pages

  • Theme Editor Enable/Disable
  • Autosave Interval
  • Post Revisions


  • SSL Enforce on Admin
  • Generate New Unique SALTS and Authentication Keys
  • Core Auto-Update Control

System / General

  • Cache Control
  • WP Debug Enable/Disable
  • WP Debug Log Enable/Disable
  • WP Debug Display Enable/Disable
  • Script Debug Enable/Disable
  • Save Database Queries Enable/Disable
  • Cookie Domain
  • Memory Limit
  • Max Memory Limit

Check out the Duplicator Pro homepage for a description of all the features of Duplicator Pro.

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