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What services and products complement the Duplicator?

Duplicator Lite is uniquely designed for smaller WordPress migrations. This has been the primary function of its success. Duplicator Pro takes the Lite version several steps forward with a suite of tools to help the professional better manage and migrate WordPress sites.Duplicator Lite may not work with every scenario or provide the exact features you’re needing, this is why we have partnered with similar products to cover more scenarios.


Duplicator Pro: A commercial version of Duplicator, with new features such as: scheduling, cloud support (FTP, Dropbox. Google Drive, Amazon S3), multisite, large site support and more. Duplicator Lite vs Pro Comparison


WP Migrate DB: A free database sync plugin with pull/push data syncing.

Service Solutions

Developer Help: Check out Codeable for help with moving a site.

Hosting: Check out our recommend hosts Bluehost and Siteground.

MainWP: A free self-hosted management tool for maintaining all your WordPress sites.

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