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About the Duplicator WordPress Backup and Migration Plugin

Duplicator is one of the original and most reliable backup and migration plugin for WordPress. Launched in 2011, Duplicator has been downloaded over 40 million times. Throughout this time Duplicator has become the "go-to" and most well-known backup and migration plugin within the WordPress community. 

With over a decade of development and refinement, we are certainly the most robust, reliable, and secure backup and migration plugin. 

Through our innovative and proprietary DupArchive Technology, we ensure your backup and migrations work no matter the host's available resources or the size of the backup. 

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your backup works when you need it most!

✨ Fun Fact: Did you know we are the only WordPress Backup and Migration plugin that does not require WordPress? That’s right, we have a standalone installer that does everything for you. Just put the installer in an empty directory, click a button, and voilà, your WordPress site is restored.

"I came across Duplicator and decided to give it a try. I will say it clearly, it is the first time a migration went so smoothly!!! When it came to some big websites (more that 2GB if I recall correctly), I did not hesitate one second, I took the Pro subscription. I did NOT just give a try to Duplicator, I'm hooked and I will not hesitate to purchase a Pro license again if needed. You did a great job guys. Keep on the good job guys!!!"

Didier LejongardDidier Lejongard

"To my surprise, highly recommended backup plug-ins failed. They just choked on my WordPress site leaving me high and dry after running for days, requiring me to abort the backup. But with Duplicator, I have a backup app that works."

Harald PolzHarald Polz

"Very rarely, one comes across a piece of software written by a brilliant individual. Or really I want to say - a genius. This is such an example. It's just incredible, in terms of how well it performs - including how it catches errors and  're-routes' the process in play, so as to make it work. Thank you so much - you've saved years being taken off my life!!!"

Duplicator CustomerDuplicator Customer

Who we are

We are a small, bootstrapped and proud company of amazing individuals. Our goal is to help YOU compete with the big guys. We do this by making the best backup and migration plugin for WordPress for the best value.

We believe our customers:

  • Deserve more.
  • Should succeed.
  • And should win more often.

Every day we strive to make our product and processes better to deliver on our promises. Unlike giant corporations who have a poster wall full of random words, we only have five key core values that allow us to make better decisions to serve (you) our customers, and our team.

  • We put People First, always.
  • We Do The Right Thing every time.
  • We fight for our Customer’s Success.
  • We commit to excellence by paying Attention to Details.
  • We labor for Simplicity.

We're giving back

In addition to your success, we also want to see the WordPress community as a whole succeed and contribute to the greater good.  We do this through our various initiatives and campaigns.

Here are just a few examples:

We are WordCamp 2024 Global Community Sponsors. Several of our team members participate within core teams. And in partnership Cambodian Village Fund, Pencils of Promise, and Balkhi Foundation, we have helped build 5 schools.

We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to give back to our incredible community in so many ways, with more still to come. Thank you for being the best part of what we do.