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“I like this plugin because I can easily move a site from one server to another and because I can schedule the automatic backup of one site to another server”


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"I have had a problem with moving local development sites from both Local and DesktopServer to Laragon. I tried a few methods, none of which worked. Then discovered Duplicator! A bit earlier and I would have saved a couple of hours of frustration. Excellent."


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"You save the trouble with FTP and database download and upload. Problems only occur when the server is too weak or the page is incredibly large. But this is not the fault of the plugin."


“This plugin is amazing, it does the job so smooth and saved me from a lot of troubles.”


"Been using Duplicator Pro for many years and it has never let me down, even for some rally big real estate websites with large files. Super useful and a lifesaver when I need to restore a crashed website with backups."