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In this section, you have the ability to manage your Duplicator Pro license directly on your website. The page comprises the following components:

Manage Account Online: This is a link that directs you to the Duplicator Pro account page.

License Type: This section displays details about your license type, such as the number of websites you can register with your license and the essential features that your license includes.

License Key: Here, you can enter your license key into the designated field. Additionally, you have the option to deactivate the license by clicking Deactivate and use the Clear button to clear it.

Key Visibility: This is an optional setting that allows you to prevent your license key from being copied. To use this feature, select Info Only or License Invisible. Enter a password and click Change Visibility. If you wish to reveal the license key and allow for copying choose License Visible.

  • License Visible: Makes the license key and plan information visible.
  • Info Only: Removes the license key, but still displays your plan’s essential features and site activations.
  • License Invisible: Removes any information about your license.
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