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Using Email Summaries (Weekly Stats)

Do you want to get a weekly report detailing your backup performance? With email summaries in Duplicator, you’ll receive a brief overview of the following:

  • Successful and failed package counts
  • Packages generated through scheduling versus manual creation
  • Number of failed backups
  • New storage additions
  • Recently created schedules

This tutorial will guide you through setting up email summaries in Duplicator.

How can I disable Email Summaries?

If you prefer not to receive Email Summaries, you can disable them anytime. Simply navigate to your WordPress admin area, go to Duplicator Lite/Pro » Settings in the left menu, and then click on the General tab.

On this screen, scroll down to Email Summary section and set the Frequency to Never.

Once you’ve done that, click the Save General Settings button at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get Email Summaries if I’m using Duplicator Lite?
All Duplicator users will, by default, have Email Summaries enabled. 
How can I detect the site that is generating the Email Summary?
The footer of the email will display the Source of the site.
What email address are Email Summaries sent to?
Email Summaries will be sent to your WordPress site’s admin email. If you aren’t sure how to find your site’s admin email, or if you think you might want to change it, be sure to check out WPBeginner’s admin email tutorial.
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