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The Migrate Settings tab available only with Plus/Pro/Elite licenses allows users to move settings from schedules, storage, templates and global settings of one installed instance of Duplicator Pro to another installedinstance of Pro. This feature can come in handy if you you don’t want to re-create the setup environment after you have installed the plugin. This feature will onlywork with Duplicator Pro settings.


  • Export:The export section allows users to export all schedules, storage locations, templates and settings from this Duplicator Pro instance into adownloadable export file. The export file can then be used to import data settings from this instance of Duplicator Pro into another plugin instance ofDuplicator Pro or the same instance if your need to restore from a previous date.

    After clicking the Export Data button the process will:

    • Export all schedules, storage and templates to a file for import into another Duplicator instance.
    • For security purposes, restrict access to this file and delete after use.
  • Import: The import section allows users to import settings from another Duplicator Pro plugin into another instance of Duplicator Pro. Schedule, storage andtemplate data will be appended to current data, while existing settings will be replaced. Schedules depend on storage and templates so importing schedules willrequire that storage and templates be checked. The import process will:
    • Append schedules, storage and templates if those options are checked
    • Overwrite current settings data if the settings option is checked

    After the import is ran its import to review templates and local storages to ensure correct path values as the import will not convert them.

Step By Step:

  1. Check Data: Be sure all your schedules, storages, templates, and settings data is setup to your liking
  2. Export: Navigate to Duplicator Pro > Tools > Data Tab and click the ‘Export Data’ button
  3. Save Export: Save the export.dup file to a safe location as it contains sensitive information
  4. Note location: Navigate to a different install unless your restoring a backup of a previous export
  5. Select File: Choose the *.dup file used from the ‘Save Export’ step
  6. Run Import: Click the ‘Import Data’ button and be sure to read all prompts
  7. Check Data: Validate that all data was updated and note the following:
    • Schedule, storage and template data will be appended to the current data sets, if data exists. No data on these sections will be overwritten
    • All Settings from the Duplicator Pro > Settings menu including all tabs General, Packages, Schedules, Storage, Licensing will be overwritten
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