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Question AStaging Site
How can I setup a staging site for my new site?

AnswerWhen creating a staging site or just a copy of your existing site for testing or basically any reason there are a few rules we strongly encourage uses to follow.

  • Avoid Nesting: In order to avoid possible conflicts between your sites it is important to separate your sites into completely separate folders.For example if you have a production site and a staging site the layout might look something like this were the public_html folder is your web servers root path.

    /public_html/production_site/[worpress site 1 file/folders here]
    /public_html/staging_site/[worpress site 2 file/folders here]

    Note: Do not place the staging_site in a or under the production_site directory

  • Separate Databases:You must create separate databases for each site. So you might create a database named prod_db for the production site andanother database named stage_db for the staging site. Never try to use the database for both sites.
  • For a full overview of a staging site see the postHow to Create a WordPress Staging Site
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