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How do I read the installer log?

Get Installer Log File

Steps to create the installer log file:

  1. Run the installer.php file as far as possible until you run into an issue.
    When running an Import Install just follow the wizard screens until you run into an issue.
  2. Click on the installer-log.txt link in the upper right corner of the install wizard to open the install log screen.
  3. ATTACH the dup-installer-log__[hash].txt log file to your ticket
    Note: If there is no dup-installer-log__[hash].txt please attach the dup-installer-bootlog__[hash].txt file

Click the download link in the installer to download the installer file

Installer Log Locations:

Before Cleaned Runs:

  • Classic Installer: http(s)://yoursite/dup-installer/dup-installer-log__[hash].txt
  • Import Installer: http(s)://yoursite/wp-content/backups-dup-pro/imports/dup-installer-[hash]/dup-installer-log__[hash].txt

After Cleanup Runs:
Note: Cleanup runs after an install is completed and the user logs into the WordPress Admin

  • Duplicator Pro: /your_site/wordpress_root/wp-content/backups-dup-pro/installer/
    Note: Alternatively the log could be at the new storage path you setup on your web-server .
  • Duplicator Lite: The path will be in only one of the following:
    • Content Path: ‘/public_html/wp-content/backups-dup-lite/installer/’
    • Legacy Path: ‘/public_html/wp-snapshots/installer/’ folder (from your WP root)
Help Tickets: Please DO NOT post any log data on public support forums such as unless you remove/mask out all meta-data that is secure as it contains sensitive data. If you are not sure of what data to mask out then do not post it; just use the private secure help ticket system.All Pro users will get first round priority support. If you’re a free user, support questions will be answered upto availability.
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