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Troubleshooting the WordPress ‘Incompatible Archive’ Error

If you are trying to upload a theme or plugin to WordPress, specifically WordPress version 6.4.3, you may encounter an error that says “Incompatible Archive”. Although the error message is not very descriptive, it simply means that there was an issue with verifying the compressed .zip file you are trying to upload, and therefore, the upload could not be completed. This error usually occurs when the zip file is compressed on a Mac OS using Apple’s inbuilt compress folder function.

How to fix the ‘Incompatible Archive’ Error

Begin with installing and activating a code snippet plugin like WPCode on your site and add the below filter:

add_filter( 'unzip_file_use_ziparchive', '__return_false' );

This issue was a bug in WordPress 6.4.3, specifically this changeset:

A bug fix and core trac ticket are available to address this issue here:

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