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How to resolve general Multisite issues?

Duplicator LiteDoes Duplicator Lite support the migration of Multisite networks?

Solution 1Duplicator Lite does not offically provide support with Multisite issues do to the complexities involved. Duplicator Lite is designed to be fastand lightweight with minimal processing for single small WordPress sites. If you use Duplicator Lite to move an Multisite site you will be own your own. In the event you understand the needs of a Multisite network and would like to try and move it with the free version you may find this article helpful.

Solution 2To streamline your process with Multisite and perform many advanced features consider upgrading to Duplicator Pro.For a full run-down of what Duplicator Pro supports and how to use the Multisite features check out these links:

Issue APlugin Location
How to access the Duplicator Pro plugin from the main menu?

Solution 1The Duplicator Pro plugin is only accessible from the main administrator dashboard. You cannot access the plugin from a subsite menu.To access the plugin options goto WordPress Admin > My Sites (top left corner) > Network Admin > Dashboard > Duplicator Pro (main menu).

Issue BRedirect Loop
How to resolve redirection loops the may occur when moving a Multisite?

Solution 1The quick answer is to check the variable below and make sure it matches your database entry:

define( ‘DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘’ );

For more details visit this forum thread.

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