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How to resolve issues with large Multisite networks?

Below are various solutions that may help when working with large network sites.

Issue AFilters
Filtering large sets of tables are not working properly. Not all of the tables are being filtered.

Option 1This issue is typically related to max_inputs_vars configuration in the php.ini file.This parameter defaults to 1000 but with high number of tables it needs to be increased. We suggest you to increase it to a number larger than your table count. You can also create a templatewith the general tables you want to exclude and then when you create the package use this template as a starting point to create the export of the standalone site.

Issue BUsers
How can I export only users with roles for current website?
The table wp_users is exported and users have to manually be removed

Option 1Duplicator does not filter users when exporting. You can however run a manual query to enable the removed inactive option in the installer’s advanced settings.This option removes all plugins/themes and inactive users in the Standalone installation.

Option 2The second solution involves following these steps:

  1. Filter the user table and use_meta when creating the package
  2. Export users and usermeta with a specific query
  3. Import users and usermeta tables into new database manually
  4. Run the installation and select as database action “Connect and Do Nothing (Advanced)”.
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