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How do I share my system admin dashboard access?

To share your website admin dashboard access, follow these instructions:
1. “Copy to Clipboard” the data in the green box below.
2. Paste copied data from clipboard into the help ticket and update values in white

=========== SENSITIVE INFORMATION START ===========
url:  http://full-url-to-yoursite/wp-admin
user: [temporary wp-admin account]
pass: [temporary wp-admin password]
FTP ACCESS* -or- Your Hosting Control Panel
user: [temporary ftp/control panel account account]
pass: [temporary ftp/control panel account password]
=========== SENSITIVE INFORMATION END ===========


VERY IMPORTANT! Please read all instructions to help diagnose your issue quickly.Copy and paste the text from the box below into your help ticket using the exact format.

Test Logins:Please test ALL usernames and passwords and make sure you can login to the specific system yourself. This will help avoid having to resending the data.

Accounts: Create temporary admin level WordPress account. If you can’t create a temporary account then temporarily change the password while we diagnose your system. You can easily change your password back once we are complete. Do not send your current password!

Recommended: If you prefer to not create or modify your WordPress users then install the plugin Temporary Login Without Password” and replace the text below the section “WORDPRESS ADMIN (NETWORK ADMIN FOR MULTISITE)” with just the URL generated by the plugin. Be sure the Role of the temporary login is “Administrator”.

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