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A Complete Guide on Multisite Migration

Moving your WordPress Multisite to a new location can be a real tricky, but luckily, with Duplicator that makes it all a lot easier. You can easily move, copy, or back up your Multisite without any hassle. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the whole process step by step, so you can tackle it like a pro, even if you’re not a tech whiz.

Multisite Backup and Migration is available with Pro and Elite license level only.

All about Multisite Migration

With a Duplicator Pro or Elite License level, you’ve got the power to handle all sorts of migrations in your Multisite Network. Check out what you can do:

Migrate an entire network multisite to another

This migration lets you migrate or move your entire Multisite setup instead of backing up or moving each subsite separately. For instance, if you have a Multisite with 10 subsites, you can move or copy all 10 sites together to a new location and restore them as a fresh Multisite installation in one go.

Migrate a subsite to a standalone site

This migration lets you set up a single subsite from a Multisite network as its own separate site. For instance, if you have a Multisite with 10 subsites, you can choose one of those sites and restore it as a new standalone site. You can then repeat this process for each of the other 9 sites, creating a total of 10 individual websites from the original Multisite installation.

Migrate a standalone site to subsite

This migration allows you to bring a complete standalone WordPress site into a Multisite network. For instance, if you’re managing several separate WordPress sites and want to consolidate them into one Multisite network for simpler management, this process makes it possible.

Migrate a subsite to another subsite of a different network

This migration lets you move a subsite from one Multisite network and add it to another Multisite network as a subsite. For example, if you have multiple subsites in one Multisite network but want to move only certain subsites to a different Multisite network, this tool allows you to do just that.

Migrate the subsite to another subsite of the same network

This migration lets you move a subsite from one part of your Multisite network to another. For example, you can relocate a single subsite to a different location within the same Multisite network.

Duplicator Plugin can only be accessed at Network level in a Multisite.

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