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How do I fix issues with Google Drive storage types?

Problem AWhen running a build (typically through a schedule) the upload process to Google Drive fails.

Option 1Upload Size: This can be related to a temporary network condition. In the event you experience the problem update this option:

Settings > Storage > Storage Types > Google Drive and set “Upload Size” to 1000kb.

This will decrease the amount of data Duplicator sends to Google Drive and should help to stabilize various intermittent network problems.

Option 2Common Account: If you have many copies of Duplicator Pro connected to the same Google Drive account, you may be running out of connections – Google only permitsaround 20 connections per App per account. Per the Google documentation you can get around this limitation by using different accounts or by using a GSuite accountwith different admin users.From the Google documentation:

If you need to authorize multiple programs, machines, or devices, one workaround is to limit the number of clients that you authorize per user account to 15 or 20.If you are a G Suite admin, you can create additional admin users and use them to authorize some of the clients.

Problem BGoogle Drive connection initially works but is then periodically invalidating/resetting every few days because Securi is set to change the secret keys in the wp-config.php.Duplicator uses these keys to encrypt the Google Drive information.

Option 1Go to Securi Security > Settings > Hardening and click “Revert Hardening” for “Activate Automatic Secret Keys Updater”.

Option 2Go to Duplicator Pro > Settings > General and uncheck “Enable settings encryption”. In some cases you may need to reauthenticate with Google Drive after making this change.

Either of these options should keep your Google Drive connection stable from now on.

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