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How do I fix issues with OneDrive storage types?

Issue AWhen running a build (typically through a schedule) the upload process to OneDrive fails.

Solution 1Upload Size: This can be related to a temporary network condition. Consider the following option:

Settings > Storage > Storage Types > OneDrive and set “Upload Size” to 1000kb.

This will decrease the amount of data Duplicator sends and should help to stabilize intermittent network problems.

Issue BHow to handle connection errors on a new OneDrive storage endpoint when trying to connect?

Solution 1

Common Error Messages

– The refresh token is not set or no permissions for ‘wl.offline_access’ was given to renew the token

Option 1Try creating another storage endpoint but this time enable the option “All folders read write permission”.

Issue CIs there a way to customize the path used for OneDrive storage, currently it has to be in the /App/ directory?

Solution 1The OneDrive option is restricted to the Apps folder for security reasons and, at least right now, users can not set the path outside of that folder.

Issue DHow to resovle issues with M365 and security plugin changing keys in wp-config.php?

Solution 1Due to slightly different settings on some OneDrive accounts (we see this occasionally, mostly on accounts from Germany), users may experience issues.To resolve try the following: When setting up your OneDrive configuration, check the option “All folders read write permissions” then click save.

Issue EHow to remove OneDrive authorization from a site that you no longer have access to?

Solution 1Invoke OneDrive API(recommended)
The following process describes how to revoke all refresh tokens. Useful when you want to prevent a machine that is no longer under your control from using your OneDrive account. For a full overview of this process call therevokeSignInSessions API.

Solution 2Periodic Site Removal
Periodically remove the folder that is being stored to within the OneDrive /Apps folder. So if the machine is storing to /Apps/ then once every X days remove so itis not consuming space on your OneDrive.

Solution 3Revoke Entire Application
To revoke access for all your Duplicator Pro sessions to OneDrive followthese instructions.
Note: This process is only recommended if you have only ever setup one or just a few Duplicator Pro OneDrive storage accounts. Revoking the entire app will remove allOneDrive connections that Duplictor Pro – OneDrive was created with. This means none of the other machines would be allowed to use it ever again,unless new sessions were created.

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