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A Complete Guide to Duplicator’s Storage Options

Ensuring your website’s security involves secure storage for backups. Duplicator Pro simplifies this process by creating and automating transfers. It supports multiple providers: Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Google Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more, including FTP, SFTP, and local servers.

Ready to automate your backup transfers? Let’s explore backing up to Dropbox, using similar procedures for other storage options.

Requirements: For Cloud Storage Integrations, you will need a Basic or higher license level.

Cloud Storage Options We Have

Connect Storage to Duplicator Pro

By default, Duplicator will save your backups to your local server. If you want to start using cloud storage options like Dropbox, you’ll need to connect your third-party account.

First, go to Duplicator Pro » Storage. Here, you’ll see the local storage option. To add Dropbox, click on Add New:

Add new storage location

You can Name the storage location and add Notes if needed:

New Dropbox storage location

Under Type options, select Dropbox and click on the Connect to Dropbox button:

Connect Dropbox account

Now, you’ll see new steps for the Dropbox account connection. Click on Authorize Dropbox to open Dropbox in a new tab:

Authorize Dropbox

You can now Sign in to your Dropbox account or create a new one:

Dropbox sign in

After you’re logged into your account, you’ll be prompted to authorize the connection. Hit Allow to let Duplicator make changes to your Dropbox account:

Allow Dropbox cloud storage

Dropbox will generate an authorization code. Copy the code and go back to the Duplicator Pro setup:

Dropbox authorization code

Under Step 2 of the Authorization section, paste the authorization code. Then, click on Finalize Setup:

Finalize Dropbox setup

Create an Instant Package

You are now all set to create a cloud backup of your site. To do this, navigate to Duplicator Pro » Packages » Create New:

Create Duplicator package

Set a unique name, or Duplicator will automatically generate one using your site’s name:

Name Dropbox package

Under the Storage section, you’ll see all the cloud storage options connected to your site. To backup your package, select it:

Select Dropbox storage

After you click Next, Duplicator will scan your site and notice if there are any issues:

Duplicator package scan

To finish your backup, click on Build. This way, your package will be built and transferred to Dropbox.  

You can then use the files to restore the website using the Classic install or the import install methods. This process can also easily be replicated with all the other cloud storage types.

Duplicator Pro’s Storage feature is vital for enhancing your website’s security. Beyond facilitating backup transfers to the cloud, Duplicator Pro empowers you to automate this process seamlessly via the Scheduled Backups.

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