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Backup to the Cloud

The following shows how to backup to Dropbox. The procedures for S3, Google Drive, OneDrive & other cloud storages are similar.

  1. Click “Duplicator Pro” > “Storage” > “Add New”
  2. Enter storage name > select “Dropbox” type
  3. Click “Connect to Dropbox” > Click “Authorize Dropbox”
  4. Click “Allow” > Close Authorization Tab > “Finalize Setup” on storage screen
A successful connection to Dropbox status will now show. This is a one time process.


2. Create Instant Package

Now build and upload a package to your Dropbox account.

  1. Click “Duplicator Pro” > “Packages” > “Create New”
  2. Enter a package name
  3. Check “DropBox” storage endpoint > click “Next”
  4. Let the scanner run and click “Build”
At this point the package files will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox. You can then use the files to Install a Site. This process can also easily be replicated with with all the other cloud storage types.
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