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Storing Your Backup to OneDrive

Utilizing a cloud storage service such as Microsoft OneDrive can be a practical solution for storing WordPress backups. By opting for off-site storage in the cloud instead of burdening your web hosting plan, you guarantee the availability of backups whenever required.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of backing up WordPress to OneDrive!

Connect OneDrive Account

To get started, go to Duplicator Pro » Storage. Here, you’ll see that the default storage is your local server:

Add new storage location

Click on Add New to start setting up your OneDrive storage. Give the new storage location a name. Then, select OneDrive in the Type dropdown menu:

New OneDrive storage location

Next, authorize Duplicator to make changes to your OneDrive account. This will allow backups to be sent automatically to your third-party storage folder. Next to Authorization, click on Connect to OneDrive:

Connect Duplicator to OneDrive

After this, you’ll see new steps to authenticate the OneDrive connection. First, click on Authorize OneDrive:

Authorize OneDrive

This will open a new browser window, where you’ll need to sign into Microsoft OneDrive. When prompted, allow Duplicator to create and update your OneDrive files:

OneDrive Duplicator authorization

Once finished, you’ll receive an authorization code. Copy this and paste it into Step 2 of the authorization guide:

Paste OneDrive authorization code

Finally, click on the Finalize Setup button. This will connect Duplicator to OneDrive!

If you have a free OneDrive account, you will only be able to store up to 5GB of backups. To make sure you don’t surpass this, consider setting a number of Max Packages:

OneDrive max packages

Duplicator will delete any old backups that exceed this limit.

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