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Storing Your Backup to DigitalOcean Spaces

Looking to store your WordPress backups safe on DigitalOcean Spaces? It’s a service made for storing all sorts of stuff, like pictures, videos, and even full website backups. What’s cool about it is that it’s not too pricey and can handle a lot of data, perfect for keeping your site’s info safe in the cloud.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to make a backup of your WordPress site using DigitalOcean Spaces!

Create a DigitalOcean Spaces Bucket

Let’s set up a new bucket on DigitalOcean Spaces for your site backups. Just go to your DigitalOcean control panel, click on the Spaces tab, and then hit the button that says Create a Spaces Bucket:

Choose the data center region based on your location, and name the new bucket:

Click on Create a Spaces Bucket again and remember the bucket name and datacenter region selected.

Copy Your Access Keys

Duplicator needs permission to make changes to your DigitalOcean Spaces bucket. To do this, you’ll need to generate API keys.

On the main Spaces page, find the API page link:

DigitalOcean Spaces API

Next, click on Generate New Key:

Generate DigitalOcean Spaces key

Name the access key and hit Create Access Key:

New DigitalOcean Spaces access key

You’ll then get a new access key and secret access key. Copy and save both of these:

Copy DigitalOcean Spaces access keys

Now you have everything you need to connect Duplicator and DigitalOcean Spaces!

Connect DigitalOcean Spaces to Duplicator

Head over to Duplicator Pro » Storage » Add New:

Add new storage location

Name the storage location and choose Digital Ocean Spaces as the Type:

DigitalOcean Spaces storage

In the Authorization section, paste your access keys, endpoint, and bucket name. 

Duplicator DigitalOcean Spaces authorization

Use this endpoint:

Instead of “region”, enter the region you chose when you made the bucket. 

The Region field will be automatically filled after you add the endpoint. For the Max Packages value, you can decide how many backups to keep in DigitalOcean Spaces. Once you exceed this number, Duplicator will delete an old backup. This prevents you from overloading your storage space:

Duplicator cloud storage settings

Save the new storage provider. 

Now, when you are all set, you can automate your backup by scheduling it. Please see the guide to Create Automated Backup.

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