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Backup with a Schedule

1. Create Template

A template is a reusable package configuration that can be used in instant or scheduled package creation

  1. Click “Duplicator Pro” > Tools > “Templates” > “Add New”
  2. Enter a template name & specifications > click “Save”

2. Create Schedule & Test

Schedules automatically generate packages:

  1. Click “Duplicator Pro” > “Schedules” > “Add New”
  2. Enter schedule name, template, storage location(s) and frequency > click “Save”

Verify schedule operation:

  1. Click “Duplicator Pro” > “Schedules” > “Run Now” on the desired schedule
  2. Click “Duplicator Pro” > “Packages” > menu to view running package build
  3. Wait for the package to complete building
  4. Check back again to make sure the schedule runs as requested

3. Database Only (Optional)

Schedule a backup of only the Database

  1. Click “Duplicator Pro” > Tools > “Templates” > edit template assigned to schedule
  2. Open “Archive Section” > check the ‘Enable File Filter’ checkbox
  3. On the right side look for a link that says “[root path]” and click it
  4. This will be the root path of your site excluding all files
  5. Click “Save Template” and follow Step 3 above to validate.
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