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Creating Custom Backup

Would you like to customize your backup by selecting specific elements? With Custom Backups, you have the flexibility to choose items such as:

  • Website Database
  • Core WordPress files
  • All plugins or just active ones
  • All themes or just active themes
  • Media files
  • Other components

Note: Custom backup feature is available with Duplicator’s Pro and higher license level.

Creating a Custom Backup

Go to Duplicator Pro » Packages » and Create New package:

Name the Package and move to Archive section and select Custom tab:

Select the components that you prefer to include in your backup. Available components are Database, Core WordPress Files, Plugins, Themes, Media Files and Other.

click on Next and proceed towards the Scan process of your Custom package:

The Custom Backup allows you to choose components for the backup. When applying the Custom Backup to a website it will only install the directories and database tables that you have selected. The existing directories and database tables, on the website will not be deleted,. They will be replaced by the files and tables included in the backup.

Navigate to the Destination Site and Import the Backup. Also, you can refer to Import Your Backup to Destination Site detailed instructions.

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