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How to work with the different Zip engines?

Issue AZip Engines
How do “Shell Zip”, “ZipArchive” and “DupArchive” engines differ?

Shell Zip
Shell Zip uses PHP shell_exec to call out to your servers‘zip’ executable to create the package using a zip format. This is generally a faster andmore robust solution than using PHP ZipArchive code. We recommend you choose thisoption if it’s available on your system and you do not experience any issues when using.

The PHP ZipArchive engine uses PHP logic to create the zip package. This method is generally slower than the Shell Zip option and canhave problems capturing files with non-western filenames. In some cases it will be better to use the ZipArchive, however generally speaking you should tryto use the Shell Zip if its available.

DupArchive is a file format that creates an archive.daf file. This format is specific to Duplicator Pro. This formatis designed around performance and scalability. Many budget hosting providers have very strict timeouts, cpu and i/o constraints that they configure intotheir servers. With DupArchive, the format was designed to help get around these server constraints so that users can build larger packages.

Issue BPHP ZipArchive
How to manage & work with PHP ZipArchive.

When creating archives Duplicator requires the ZipArchive class to be installed. For installing a package it is not required.Below are instructions for getting the ZipArchive working in your environment if it is not already setup.

You can easily validate the installation of ZipArchive by checking withphpinfo. These settings can be viewed by going to Duplicator > Tools > General > PHPinfo.Within the phpinfo output search for “Configure Command” within the results of this command look for “–enable-zip”. If that is not present thentalk with your hosting provider.

Hosted Server

Just contact your hosting provider and tell them you want PHP with Zip support so that the “ZipArchive Class” will work. This is a very common feature and is availableon almost all shared hosting environments.

Duplicator says the Zip Archive extension fails, but my host says it’s enabled. What should I do?
Be sure your host is looking at the same thing as there are several versions of doing Zip compression in PHP.Have your host visit this link for instructions on how to enable theZip Archive class. This extension is enabled on almost all major hosting platforms by default.


Your Computer

On your own computer you will to to make sure the Zip extensions are enabled for PHP. Check your php.ini file for the following:

On Windows: extension=php_zip.dll
On Mac and Linux:


PHP 7+ Linux

When upgrading to PHP 7, make sure to install the PHP 7 versions of you libraries as well. On some linux distributions PHP 7 also provides a php7.0-zip package.You can install it with:sudo apt-get install php7.0-zipTo see additional PHP 7 libraries that are available, run:sudo apt-cache search php7.0-*

Additional Resources

PC (XAMPP, WampServer, ect…) resources:
PHP manual |XAMPP Forums |WampServer Forums |Google Search

Mac (MAMP) resources:
PHP manual |MAMP Forums |Article 1 |Thread 1Thread 2

Also see: How do I do a ‘Manual Extraction’ or run installer without Zip enabled?

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