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Media Only Backup

Are you curious about a specialized backup for your media library? The Media Only backup can backup only your website media files and give you more control over your website’s valuable resources.

This guide simplifies the process of creating a Media Only backup in a few easy steps.


Note: The Media Only backup is available for the Pro, and Elite licenses.

Creating a media-only backup:

  1. Go to Duplicator Pro > Packages and click the Create New button.
  2. Under Archive > Files, select the Media Only tab.
    Media Only Backup
  3. Click the Next button and continue the package build.
  4. When the package build completes, download the package (installer.php and files.


Restoring the backup:

To install a media-only backup on a target website, you can use the Import Install or Classic Install methods.


The media-only backup includes only your website’s media files. When you install a media-only backup on a target website, the media files included in the backup are extracted to the wp-content/uploads directory.

The existing media files in the target website are not removed. They are overwritten by the media files included in the backup.


Seeking greater control over your backup components? With Custom Backup, you can precisely select elements from your website and seamlessly incorporate them into your backup.

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