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Creating Media Only Backup

Interested in a tailored backup solution for your media library? The Media Only backup option allows you to exclusively back up your website’s media files, providing precise control over your valuable resources. This guide streamlines the process of creating a Media Only backup into a few straightforward steps.

Note: Media Only backup feature is available with Duplicator Pro’s Pro and higher license level.

Creating Media Only Backup

Navigate to Duplicator Pro » Packages » and Create New package:

Name the Package and move to Archive section and select Media Only tab:

click on Next and proceed towards the Scan process of your Media Only package:

After successful scanning, create the Build. This takes a few minutes, and your Media Only backup is ready. Find it under Packages and download it.

Navigate to the Destination Site and Import the Backup. Also, you can refer to Import Your Backup to Destination Site detailed instructions.

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