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How to make my scheduled build run on time?


The plugin uses a mechanism similar to WordPress’ standard cron scheduling which requires someone to visit the site for an action to occur.This means if you don’t have any visitors at the scheduled time, the package won’t build until a visitor requests a page. It’s designed this way because the web server only reacts to visits and doesn’t have any active threads running.

To make scheduled builds more accurate:

  1. Move the scheduled time to a time when your site normally has visitors.
  2. To avoid bogging down your site during a busy time go to Settings/Packages and set “Host Throttling” to Low or Medium. This lessens the impact to site responsiveness but slows the backup a bit.

Schedule Accuracy

To guarantee a schedule runs on the time a user sets up the schedule; users can use a third party service to help. This can also be especially helpful in the event the “Client Side Kickoff” setting has been enabled. This process involves setting up an entry in so you do not need to have visitors always hitting your site. To use this service please follow these steps:

  1. Goto and create account.
  2. Login > Click “Cronjobs” > Click Create cronjob button
  3. In the cronjob, set the title, then set the address to:
  4. Ensure the cronjob is set for once a minute & save

This will cause the site to hit your site every minute so when the package is to be built this traffic will cause the build to proceed. Even though the request will be coming inevery minute even when no build job is running, it would require very little processing so the simple request will not impact your site performance.

Custom Crons: Plugin users should not use custom WP-Crons or plugins like WP Control Cron Manager tosetup custom cron jobs because they are all limited by the same thing that Duplicator is limited by. Since WordPress has no active threads it requires traffic to start the execution ofany logic, which is why the remote request is the best route to take.
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