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The local server storage option allows for the package (installer/archive) to be stored at any physical path on your server that PHP has access to. In DuplicatorLite all data is stored to the wp-snapshots folder off the root of your WordPress site. With Pro the package data can be stored to a path that you designate.Otherwise it will be stored to a default location in the wp-content directory. This option can be handy if you need or want to specify the path for storingyour package.


Item Description
Name/Notes The storage name and optional notes about the local server path
Storage Folder The full path on the server where you would like the package (installer.php/ stored. On Linux systems start with ‘/’. On Windows use driveletters. (e.g. /mypath or E:/mypath). Be sure that PHP has permissions to write to the path provided. If the path does not exist then Duplicatorwill try to create the path.

Not all server paths are supported on the local server as they can conflict with existing WordPress core functionality or other themes and plugins.Below is a list of paths that can not be used as a backup path.
**Locations that are not allowed**
- Directly to the site WordPress root
- An already existing 'Local Server' path
- An already existing folder in wp-content (must delete first)

**Text not allowed in storage folder input**

Filter Protection When checked this will exclude the ‘Storage Folder’ provided directly above and all of its content and sub-foldersfrom being included in a package build. This setting is highly recommended and failure to check this option can lead to build failures.
Max Packages Specify the number of packages to keep in ‘Storage Folder’. Setting 10 will keep the last 10 packages. Set to 0 for no limit. It is recommendedto keep this number low. Storing too many packages can lead to space allocation issues, especially if your limited for disk space.


  1. Create New Storage Provider: Duplicator > Storage > Add New
  2. Add Name and Notes and select Type: Local Server
  3. Provide the full path on your local server to where the package will be stored
  4. Leave the Filter Protection check-box checked
  5. Enter the number of packages you want to persist for this storage location
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