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How to get invoice/receipt of purchase?

There are two ways to easily get your invoice.

1. Emailed Receipt

  1. After you purchase a product you will receive an email
  2. In the email under “Tax Receipts and Invoices” click the link “tax receipt or invoice”
  3. Fill out the “Invoice” page and click the “Save Billing Details & Generate Invoice” button

2. Online Dashboard

  1. Login to the Duplicator Account
  2. Click “Generate Invoice” link
  3. Fill out and click the “Save Billing Details & Generate Invoice” button
  4. Click the “Print” button at the bottom
Accounts: Duplicator accounts are automatically created for you during your first purchase and are associated with your email. First timeusers will need to reset their password. Goto the Duplicator Account and clickon the “Recover Password” link at the bottom of the page to login for the first time.

Save As PDF
If the print button has any issues you can manually save the page as a PDF (Chrome example):

  1. Right click on the Invoice page and choose “Print…”
  2. Click the “Change…” button and choose “Save as PDF”
  3. Click the “Save” button to save as PDF.
    Instructions for other browsers:FireFox |Microsoft Edge |Brave Browser
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