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The “Settings > Packages” > Advanced screen is the main interface for managing all package related settings for the plugin. It is recommended that youdo not modify advanced settings unless you know the expected result or have talked to support or are familiar with the setting.


Item Notes
Thread Lock The lock type used to control atomic operations. The default is File and is recommended for most servers.
JSON The JSON sterilizer engine that should be used.
Max Worker Time Lower is more reliable but slower. Recommended max is 180 sec based on PHP setting 300.
Chunk Size Archive upload chunk size

AJAX Controls how AJAX requests are made on this server. Used to kick off build worker. Only change if packages get stuck at start of build.
SSL Verify If checked, cURL kick-off does verify server’s SSL certificate. Only change if packages get stuck at the start of a build.

Root path Abspath and home path are equivalent so this option is disabled

Scan File Checks If enabled all files check on scan will be skipped before package creation. In some cases, this option can be beneficial if the scan process is having issues running or returning errors.

Initiate package build from client. Only check this if instructed to by Duplicator support.
Basic Auth Enable if your server requires basic auth connections
Installer Name The base name of the installer file. Only change if host prevents using installer.php


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