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The “Settings > Packages” screen is the main interface for managing all package related settings for the plugin. This includes items such as the main “Packages” screenand how a package is built and the processing rules used to build the package.


Item Notes
Created Format This option controls the date format shown in the ‘Created’ column on the Packages screen. Use this option to display how the dates will be displayed
Duplicator can build the sites database script in two ways. The preferred and recommend approach is to usemysqldump. However some systems do notsupport this method for building, therefore users can still rely on PHP code to create the correct database script.

MySQLDump: This is the recommend setting. On some setups users may have to provide a custom path to the mysqldump program. Add a custom path ifthe path to mysqldump is not properly detected or needs to be changed. In some cases you may have to contact your server admin or hosting providerfor the correct path.

PHP Code: This option should be used if mysqldump is not accessible or causing issues in your environment. On some budget hosts you may have to setthe Query Limit Size to a lower setting. A higher limit size will speed up the database build time, however it will use more memory.If your host has memory caps start off low.

This setting controls archive compression. Turning compression off can improve build stability and speed but packages will be larger. Can be toggledwhen using ZipArchive on a PHP 7+ system of Shell Exec Zip.
Duplicator can archive the sites files in three ways. The preferred and recommend approach is to use Shell Exec Zip or your system zip command.However some systems do notsupport this method for building, therefore users can still rely on PHPsZipArchive to create the correct database script.

PHP ZipArchive : Use PHP code to zip up your files. For larger sites on budget hosts its recommended to use the ‘Multi-Threaded’ setting whichprocesses the archive file in subsequent HTTP requests. If you have access to how long a PHP process is allowed to run then use the ‘Single-Threaded’ mode.This mode runs in the background without an interruptions and is faster than the ‘Multi-Threaded’ mode.

The buffer size only applies to ‘Multi-Threaded’ requests. The buffer indicates how large an archive will get before a close is registered with theZipArchive call. Higher values are faster but can be more unstable based on the hostsmax_execution_time.

DupArchive: Creates a custom archive format (archive.daf). This option is recommended for large sites or sites on constrained servers. In order to extract a .daf file manuallyplease see this FAQ How to work with DAF files and the DupArchive extraction tool?

Shell Exec Zip: Pro This is the recommend setting. To get Shell Exec zip working ask your host to install the zip executable and make it accessibleto PHP via the shell_exec command.

Server Throttle
It is recommended to keep this setting off unless you receive a notice from your host. The setting is used to throttle and prevent resource complaintson budget hosts. The higher the value the slower the backup.
Max Build Time
Max build and storage time until package is auto-cancelled. Set to 0 for no limit.

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