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Schedules » Add/Edit


The Add/Edit screen is used to add and edit existing schedules. You can easily copy an existing schedule by using the copy from drop-down in the upper right hand corner.

Item Notes
Name A short descriptive name for the schedule.
“Weekly Full” > A schedule to backup the entire site once a week.
“Bi-Weekly Full” > A schedule to backup the entire site twice a week.
“DB-Daily 00:00” > A schedule to backup only the database at 12am daily.
“DB-Daily 13:00” > A schedule to backup only the database at 1pm daily.
Template Every schedule must be assigned to a template. Templates allow you to choose which files and database tables you would like to make as part ofyour backup process. The default template will be assigned by default.
Storage Choose at least one or more storage location(s) that your schedule will be stored at. This can be the local server or any number of storage locationssuch as Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP and others.
Repeats Daily > This will run the schedule every X days. For example if you choose every 7 days then the schedule will run once per week.
Weekly > Choose the days of the week Monday thru Sunday that you would like the schedule to run.
Monthly > Choose which day of the month and the number of months you would like to run.

Start Time The time of day you would like this to run. All times are in 24 hour increments from 00:00 (12am) to 13:00 (1pm).
Activated A schedule must be active for it to run. This is an easy way to enable/disable a schedule without removing it.

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