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Schedules » Step By Step

  1. Start: Goto Duplicator Pro > Schedules > click the ‘Add New’ button in the upper right corner.
    • Name: Give the schedule a descriptive name for example see Add/Edit section above.
    • Copy From: Optionally copy from an existing schedule see “Copy From” in upper left.
  2. Template: Select existing template, choose default or add a new template.
    • Existing Template:If you have already created a template and know the settings of that template and would like to re-use it then select from the templates in the drop-down.
    • Default Template:The default template is an editable template, however when the plugin is first installed the default template does not have any filters and includes allthe data from an existing WordPress site.
    • Add Template:A Template simply stores the layout for how you want to create a package. The Template allows users to exclude files/directories/extensions and database tables frombeing backed up. The process is almost identical to creating a package.For a complete overview on how to add/remove file and table filters visit the Archive section in thePackages » New – Step 1: Setup user guide.
  3. Storage: Choose at least one storage location where the package and installer will be stored at.
  4. Repeats: Choose the frequency and duration for how often the schedule should run.
  5. Start Time: Choose the time of day you want the schedule to start on. Values are 00:00 (12am) to 23:00 (11pm).
  6. Activated: Choose if the schedule is active to run. Finally save the schedule and wait for the schedule timed.

After your schedule has been saved its best (but not required) to run a test of the schedule. This process can be done from the main schedules screen by finding the schedule you just madeand clicking the Run Now Link. This is an optional step that will you allow the schedule to be ran right now and determine if any issues arise with the build.

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