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Issue A Build Processing Settings
When trying to build a package WP engine returns errors or notices.


  1. Go to Duplicator > Settings > Packages.
  2. Set “Archive Engine” to “DupArchive”
  3. Go to Duplicator > Settings > Packages > Advanced.
  4. Set “Lock Type” to “SQL”.
  5. Set “Installer Name” to “installer.ph1”. The default setting of “Installer.php” doesn’t work because WPEngine prevents creation of PHP files.
    When you install, be sure to rename the Installer.ph1 file to Installer.php before browsing to the installer.

Issue B Installer Download
When trying to download the installer file WPEngine has issues.

SolutionBe sure to change the name of the installer file to “installer.ph1”. See Settings > Packages > Advanced > Installer Name = installer.ph1
Duplicator Lite

WP-Engine currently does not support Duplicator Lite. Let them know this is a product you like and ask them to help support the product.

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