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TSOHost —

Duplicator Pro

Build Processing Settings:

  1. Goto Duplicator > Settings > Packages
  2. Make sure you set “Thread Lock” to “SQL” on the settings page. The default setting of “File” doesn’t work with Tsohost’s cloud hosting.

Licensing Activation Problems:

License activation from TSOHost may not work for you. TSOHost has a many spam sites running off of some of their shared IP addresses so those IP addresses have gotten added to black lists which our provider blocks.

Important:Even though your product will not be activated it will still fully function (licensing just controls auto-update).

To minimize this impact:

1) Enter your license key in the license key area and click activate – the plugin won’t activate but it will save the license key in that spot – this will prevent a very large nag bar at the top from popping up in 30 days (right now you’ll get the smaller one that tells you to activate a license)

2) Periodically check for a new copy of the plugin – once a month is adequate. If/when you see a new copy download it, uninstall the old one and install the new one.

Connectivity with TSOHost is an ongoing problem with our and other providers who monitor misbehaving sites. If you have an account with TSOHost we recommend you talk to them about removing these bad-apple sites since they impact all of TSOHost’s customers.

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