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Issue AScan Issues
If you are having issues with the scan process, consider the option below.

Option 1If you have an SSL certificate setup you may encounter a Scan timeout error. This is due to two symbolic links SiteGround creates in the root of the sitethat point back to the site directory and cause a recursive loop.

To resolve this problem do the following:

  1. On the Packages screen, click the Create New button
  2. Click “Enable File Filters” > Above the Directories box > click the root path quick link.
  3. Append ‘/www’ to that path. For instance if the root path is /home/myhome/public_html the path should be /home/myhome/public_html/www
  4. Perform the same ‘root’ quick path procedure shown above but this time append the name of your domain (for instance if your domain is mydomain.comappend /mydomain so it would be /home/mydomain

Note: To find the proper paths to filter, load the SiteGround file-manager and observe the symbolic link paths. If you continue to have the problem, please talk toSiteGround support. If you do not need SSL for subdomains they should be able to remove the symlink withoutaffecting the operation of your website.

Issue BDrag & Drop Import
If you are having issues with the drag and drop import, on SiteGround consider the option below.

Option 1This issue can be related to the SiteGround Security plugin. The issue is caused by a .htaccess file inside the uploaded .zip/daf archive file. Removing the .htaccessfile from the wp-content folder of the archive should resolve any 403 errors and allow the import process to complete.

Issue CBuild Issues
Failed to Create a Backup File Larger than 8GB on Siteground Hosting.

Common Error Messages

– Failed to generate backup file: We cannot proceed as we could not write files to disk…

Option 1Contact SiteGround:In these cases it is best to reach out to the SiteGround support team, and they should be able to raise this limit to 20GB or sometimes 60GB according to your site’s size.

Issue DInstaller Issues
If you are having issues during the install process, check to see if these options are related.

Common Error Messages

– failed to open dir: Too many open files
– failed to open stream: Too many open files

Option 1Enable Shell Zip: If your host/server supports shell zip you can enable this feature on the installer. To enable on the installer Step 1 set the mode to Advanced> Options > Advanced Extraction > Shell Unzip.

Option 2Manual Extraction: During step 1 of the archive extraction process you get an error saying:
Warning: opendir(/somepath/on/your/server/: failed to open dir: Too many open files in /somepath/
This issue can be solved by performing a “Manual Extraction”

Option 3Build with DupArchive: In the event you can easily rebuild the package, you can switch the build mode to DupArchive and create a archive.daf file.To perform this simply goto Duplicator > Settings > Packages Tab > Archive Engine > DupArchive. Rebuild that package and re-run the installer

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