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How to work with DAF files and the DupArchive extraction tool?

ProblemYou need to extract the archive.daf file, how do you go about doing this?

Solution 1Use installer.php: Just use the installer.php like you normally would with the file. The process is exactly the same as a .zip file except the installer uses a custom engine to extract the archive.

Solution 2Windows/Mac/Linux Client Tool: Should there ever be a case where the installer.php is having an issue with extracting a ‘.daf’ then you can use the DupArchive extractor tool instead.Below are the steps for running the tool.

Extract all files and perform a manual extract install

  1. Download the DupArchive Extractor program [Windows] [Mac] [Linux].
  2. Put .daf file in same directory as DupArchive Extractor.
  3. Double click on the DupArchiveExtract executable to proceed with the extract.

Extract just the backup installer and perform a standard install

  1. Perform the same steps as option 1 above to download the DupArchive Extractor but execute “DupArchiveExtract -i” from the commandline instead.
  2. Grab the installer file just extracted and use it to exact the archive as in Solution 1 above.
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