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How to migrate a large site on a limited host?

Build Issues

DupArchive Format:Some budget hosts may prevent larger sites from building a package using zip. Duplicator has a special format DupArchive (daf) designed specifically for restricted hosts. To enable this formatsee the settings below.

  • Duplicator Lite: Settings > Packages > Archive Engine = DupArchive
    Note: The maximum size of DupArchive packages built with lite is 500MB.
  • Duplicator Pro: Settings > Packages > Basic Settings > Archive Engine = DupArchive

Two Part Install: ForDuplicator Lite use the Two Part Install technique on hosts that show a “Build Interrupt”.If you’re on a budget host using Duplicator Pro and your site is over 2GB then you may also have to use the Two Part Install method,it will just depend on the quality of your hosts performance and any throttle limitations.

Upload Limits

If you’re on a budget host that has a size upload limit then there are a few ways to get around this constraint.

  • File Filters: Add any large files to the file filter creating a package to get your package down to your hosts limit. Then manually move thosefiltered files over via FTP. On most sites the easiest process is to filter your wp-content/uploads/ folder (typically your images) then manually movethose files over.
  • Two-Part-Install: This process has you simply move your files then it quickly runs the database part of the install finalizing your setup. Fora full overview see the Two Part Install technique



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