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Tips for migrating a large website on a limited hosting plan.

Introducing the Easy Guide to Migrating Large Sites on Limited Hosting! Whether you’re facing upload size constraints or build interruptions, this step-by-step manual offers simple solutions. Learn how to navigate hosting limitations with Duplicator Lite and Pro, ensuring a smooth transition for your website. Say goodbye to migration headaches and hello to seamless site transfers!

Issues While Building a Backup

Some hosting providers might restrict you from creating a package/ backup using Zip. Duplicator has a special format called DupArchive (daf) made for such hosts. To use it, follow these steps:

For Duplicator Lite: Go to Settings » Packages » Archive Engine and enable DupArchive:

Note: With Duplicator Lite, you can only create DupArchive packages up to 500MB.

For Duplicator Pro: Head to Settings » Packages » Basic Settings » Archive Engine and enable DupArchive.

Two-Part Installation: If you’re using Duplicator Lite and face a “Build Interrupt” issue, try the Two-Part Installation method. Depending on your host’s performance and limitations, if your site is over 2GB on a budget host with Duplicator Pro, you might also need this method.

Upload Limitations

If your budget host has an upload size limit, you can work around it in a few ways:

  • File Filters: Add large files to the file filter when creating a package to fit within your host’s limit. Then, manually move these filtered files over via FTP. Usually, it’s easiest to filter your wp-content/uploads/ folder (usually containing images) and then move these files manually.

  • Two-Part Installation: This method involves moving your files first and then quickly running the database part of the installation to finalize your setup. For a detailed guide, refer to the Two-Part Installation technique.

While it’s good for smaller sites, it runs on a single-threaded process. If your host stops the PHP process or times out prematurely, the migration might fail, especially on cheaper hosts. You can often adjust these settings if you have control over your VPN server.

For larger sites (1GB+), we recommend upgrading to Duplicator Pro as it processes data using multiple threads, making it more suitable for large migrations.

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