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Two-Part Install

The following procedure was developed for use tightly restricted hosts that prevent a zip archive from getting created. Note that this operation is valid for both Duplicator and Duplicator Pro but is usually not needed in Pro due to its support of the “DupArchive” format. DupArchive was specifically designed to get around limitations imposed by hosts related to zip.

PART 1: Manually copy WordPress files

These steps show how to manually copy from source site to destination.

cPanel (Faster)

  1. Login to the source site’s cPanel, click “File Manager” and enter the site’s directory*
  2. Select all files, right click, select “Compress”, choose zip and set name to
  3. Download to your local computer
  4. Upload to the new location*
  5. Extract and remove the file


  1. Login to an FTP Client
  2. Copy the files from the source site to your computer*
  3. Copy files from your computer up to the destination site*

*Website directories will likely be public_html, or public_html/sitename. If unsure about where site files are located talk to your host support.

PART 2: Copy the database with Duplicator

After you have all the files uploaded correctly to your new location you will then run all these steps to copy over the database.

1. Create DB Only Package

  1. Goto Duplicator > Packages > click “Create New” button
  2. On Step 1 Setup > Archive > check “Archive Only the Database”
  3. Build package and download package (installer.php and files

2. Transfer Package to Target

  1. Login to target location via FTP, cPanel or your host’s control panel tools.
  2. Transfer installer and archive to target location
  3. If a wp-config.php file exists in this location remove or rename it.
  4. Open web browser and browse to

3. Run Installer

  1. Installer should have ‘Database Only Mode’ in upper right corner.
  2. On Step 1 > Click the next button
  3. On Step 2 > Enter database setup info > test connection > click next
  4. On Step 3 > Click the next button
  5. On Step 4 > Login remove installer files
  6. Only the database will be updated

After all steps are complete your site should be fully migrated. These two parts together allow you to move your WordPress site in a two stage process.

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