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How to keep Duplicator settings when migrating to a different location?

Issue AWhen migrating a site to a new location both the storage and schedules are lost.


  1. Browse to the installer
  2. Switch the installer to “Advanced” mode (Upper right hand corner of step 1)
  3. Proceed to step 3 of the installer
  4. On step 3 go to Options > Scan Options and uncheck Cleanup/Remove schedules and storage endpoints > Continue with the install
After the install your original data will be in place. It is highly recommended you change your storage paths since having more than one WordPresssite store to the exact same location will cause interference and you’ll end up having machines purging each others packages. For instance if you have 2 machines set to storedaily to Dropbox with a Max Packages of 10 you’ll end up only having 5 packages from each machine in that location since the plugins on each box will purge when they see a total of 10.
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