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How to create a new database and database user for install?

During the Classic Install process on Step 1 (Pro) and Step 2 (Lite) of the installer you will needto connect to a database. You have several options when it comes to setting up the database:

Option 1Hosts Control Panel: Create a database and user with your host’s control panel. Then assign the user full rights to the database. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Login to your hosts control panel and find the section to create a new database
  2. Create the new database and copy down the database name
  3. Create a new or assign an existing database user to the database and write down the database user name
  4. Open the Duplicator installer.php file and test the connection to the new database and proceed with install

Option 2Overwrite Mode: Overwrite mode is when you place the installer.php and the file into an existing directory where WordPress exists. This mode will allow you to overwritean existing site and reuse that site’s database and existing wp-config.php file. During this process you will be notified of the existing database and database user of the site you are aboutto overwrite. Check the values and click “apply” and the existing database settings will be used.Note: This option will wipe out your current site and database data.

Option 3Duplicator Pro > cPanel: This option uses the cPanel API (requires cPanel) to create the database. Follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the installer and goto Duplicator Pro > Advanced > cPanel
  2. The cPanel option will present the database and user within drop down boxes automatically.

Option 4Change the install process to use the Import Install Mode. This process will use thedatabase settings of the currently installed WordPress site where the import is taking place.

Option 5Within Duplicator

  1. Open the the installer step 1 (Pro) or step 2 (Lite)
  2. From the database action drop-down choose the ‘Create New Database’ option
  3. In the Database input type the name of the database you want to create
  4. Type in the name of an existing database user. Duplicator does not create a new user.
On most hosting providers the database action option to ‘Create New Database’ is not supported, this is a restriction of your host not Duplicator.

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