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How to get the original installer that came with the archive?

In the event you no longer have a copy of the installer.php file (lost installer) you should always be able to get a backup of the installer from within the file.Follow these steps to get the installer file.

  1. Download the file to your local computer
    • Extract the to a temporary location or simply open the zip viewer to the root of the
    • If your using the archive.daf format see this link to extract files.
  2. Inside of the archive will be an exact copy of the original installer file in the root of the archive file.
  3. The file is named in the format ‘[name]_[hash]_[date]_installer-backup.php’ or ‘installer-backup.php’
  4. Copy the installer-backup.php and archive to the location where you would like to install the WordPress site
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