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How to resolve license activation issues?

SetupActivate License
How to find my license key & activate it?

When you purchase the Duplicator you will receive an email with your license key. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t receive an email within a few minutes of purchase.

You can also get your license key(s) by logging into your Duplicator Account. The user name will be the e-mail you used to purchase the product. If you are unable to retrieve your password when logging in, please submit a help ticket.

Accounts: Duplicator accounts are automatically created for you during your first purchase and are associated with your email. First-time users will need to reset their password. Go to the Duplicator Account and click the “Recover Password” link at the bottom of the page to log in for the first time.

Activation is very simple.

  1. Download, install, and activate the plugin from your purchase email link or from your Duplicator Account.
  2. Goto: Duplicator Pro > Settings > Licensing > Enter your key and click activate.

Issue A Not Activating
How do we solve license activation issues?

Solution 1 Validation: Log in to your Duplicator Account. and check the license key number and validate your license count. If your key is valid and you have the proper count, then proceed to the next step. If your license has expired then you will need to renew it. If you have maxed out your license count, then you will need to remove a registered URL or upgrade your product to support additional licenses.

Solution 2 Activation: Activation requires a connection to the servers; in some cases, cache plugins or even web server caches can cause issues. In these cases, try the following options:

  1. Try deactivating and reactivating your license a few times, waiting a minute or two between tries.
  2. Deactivate & reactivate the plugin from the WordPress admin plugins screen, then try the key activation again.

Solution 3

  • cURL: Duplicator Pro code communicates with via the PHP cURL library. On your server, turn on the PHP cURL library or ask your host company to do it for you. Enabling CURL in Apache

    1. Enabling CURL in Apache by configuring php.ini file:
    A) Locate the PHP.ini file, which is mostly in the server’s root folder or public_html then open the PHP.ini in a text editor
    B) Search or find the;extension=php_curl.dll with Ctrl+F and remove the semi-colon ‘;’ before it to activate it.
    C) Save and Close PHP.ini with Ctrl+S and restart Apache2.

    2. Enabling cURL in WAMP:
    A) Left-click on the WAMP server icon in the bottom right of the screen.
    B) PHP -> PHP Extensions -> curl.

    3.  Enabling CURL in Ubuntu:
    A) Run the following command to install PHP CURL: sudo apt-get install php5-curl
    B) Then, run this command to restart the Apache server
    sudo service apache2 restart

    4. Enabling CURL Using EasyApache on WHM:
    1. Log in to WHM as the ‘root’ user.2. Either search for “EasyApache” or go to Software > EasyApache

    3. Scroll down and select a build option (Previously Saved Config)

    4. Click Start. “Start customizing based on profile.”

    5. Select the version of Apache and click “Next Step”.

    6. Select the version of PHP and click “Next Step”.

    7. Chose additional options within the “Short Options List”

    8. Click Exhaustive Options List.

    9. Find and select the option for cURL.

    10. Click curl, and then click Save and Build.


  • Networking: Check with your host to see if their servers can reach
  • Contact Host: Contact your host or server admin and ask them to monitor what happens when you click the license activate button. Specifically, ask if communication is blocked between your server and If they observe nothing getting blocked on their side, then proceed to the step below.
  • IP Checks: Gather the following IP addresses by going to WordPress Admin > Duplicator Pro > Tools > General Tab > Server Settings > “Server IP”, “Outbound IP”, “Client IP”. If any are blank, then contact your host or system network administrator, as it’s located at the router layer, and we must have all of them in order to properly diagnose the issue from our end.

    Note: If you are a localhost server, you may see “::1” for “Server IP” and “Client IP.” If this is the case for localhost then providethe “Outbound IP”.

    Once you have all the IPs, submit a ticket or reply to an existing ticket with all IP addresses. We will then check to see if they are being blocked on the end. This is typically very rare, although it can happen if your server’s IP has been placed on a blacklist of some kind.

Issue B Free Up License
How can I free up a license?

If you no longer want the product installed on a WordPress site, use one of the following methods to free up its license:

Option 1 Remove Plugin
From within the plugin > Uninstall the plugin

Option 2 Plugin Settings
From within the plugin > Duplicator Pro > Settings/Licensing Tab > click the Deactivate button.

Option Dashboard
Remove a registered URL via your Duplicator Account.

Never used the dashboard? Click the recover password link or submit a help ticket and we can get you access.

Steps to manage site URLs:

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Click View Licenses Link > Manage Sites Link
  3. Add/remove URLs that you need to manage licenses on

Issue C Invalid Message
How to resolve “Invalid or Rejected” notices on all my WordPress admin pages?

Solution 1 This occurs when Duplicator Pro has been running on a machine for more than 30 days in an unlicensed fashion. To remove this message, go to Duplicator Pro > Settings > Licensing, enter your license key, and then click “Activate.” The message will disappear at this point.
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