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Verifying Your License

Verifying your license key grants you access to automatic updates and support, finalizing the installation.

This tutorial will guide you through verifying your Duplicator Pro license within your WordPress admin area.

Make sure to install the Duplicator Pro plugin on your site before you begin.

Note: If you just upgraded from Duplicator Lite, deactivate the Lite plugin before installing our paid plugin.

Accessing Your License Key

After installing and activating the plugin, you’ll need to obtain your license key to verify your Duplicator Pro installation.

To access your license key, log in to your Duplicator Pro account. After logging in, click on the Downloads tab to find your License Key.

You can quickly copy your license key by clicking on the clipboard icon.

Verifying Your Duplicator Pro License

Once you’ve copied your license key, you need to verify your Duplicator Pro license to access the features and plugin updates included with your license.

You can do this by going to Duplicator » Settings » under the License tab in your WordPress Dashboard.

Next, paste the copied license key into the License Key field in your Duplicator Pro plugin settings. Now, click the Activate button to activate your license on your site.

If your license has been successfully activated, you will see the Status and Expiration Date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facing trouble with license activation?
We have complete guide on troubleshooting the License Activation Issues.
How does the licensing work with the Multisite?
In WordPress multisite, one license covers the entire site, including all subsites. For example, in a multisite with 100 subsites, only one license is needed. Note that extended multisite support is available with Pro and higher license levels.
How many sites can I use my Duplicator Pro license on?
Each of our license levels have different site limits. So, for example, our Basic license can only be used on two sites. Check out our pricing page for the complete list of the site limits for each license level.
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