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Packages » New – Step 3: Build


The build step is the last step of the package creation process and is displayed directly in the Packages screen. When a package is building you will need to wait for it to complete before attempting another. If a scheduled package is queued up at the same time as a manual package then it will stay in a pending state until the first one completes.


The different states that the build process may be in at any given time are shown below:

Item Description
When a package is building a indeterminate progress bar with show along with a message saying ‘Building Package %50‘. The percentage will slowly change as the package is being processed. You can click the button at anytime to stop the current build.

Depending on your server environment the build process can take several minutes. It is very rare (depending on the size) but the process may take upto an hour. The package processhowever should not take hours. If the process takes much longer than 60 minutes then in most cases the process may be stuck.

When the package is done building the progress bar will go away and on the very left hand side of the row will be a color indicating the state of the build which are:

Running: The package is currently building or transferring to a remote storage location
Success: The package has been successfully built
Error: An error occurred during the package build process
Once a build has successfully run the plugin will start the process of transferring the archive and installer files to all the specified remote storage endpoint locations that were selected with this build. The message will change to ‘Transferring Package %50‘ with a current sub status message of the remote endpoint location that it is working on.

The transfer process will continue to work through each storage endpoint that was selected. For example if you choose Google, Dropbox and FTP then it will go through all 3 endpoints copying the files to each endpoint. If say Dropbox fails during the process it will still continue to process the other endpoints.

If an endpoints fails during the transfer phase then then the storage button will be shown as . Clicking the button will open a dialog that shows which transferrs worked and which ones failed. If they all where successful it will show as

When multiple packages are set to build or attempt to start the build process at the same time, the plugin will check to see if there are any active builds. If another build is running the subsequent queued packages will be put into a pending state until the first package is done building and transferring all its data. Pending items can be cancelled before they are ran by clicking the button.
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