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Does Duplicator offer custom services?

Custom Service

While our support team is highly capable and can resolve 99% of common issues, there are situations where customized services are necessary to meet specific migration requirements when using our product. Currently, Duplicator does not directly offer custom services, but we recommend you to check Codeable, a platform that has assisted over 8,000 businesses of all sizes with an outstanding track record. Once you submit a project, you can expect responses within approximately 10 minutes.

Full Service Migrations

If you are seeking a developer to handle a “Hands off Migration” for your site using Duplicator, please visit All developers on Codeable are proficient in using Duplicator for site migrations. This service is particularly beneficial for:

  1. Users of the plugin who want the assurance of a developer validating the workflow.
  2. Newer users with limited time to learn the plugin.
  3. Advanced WordPress users who simply want the process executed on their behalf.

Complex Migrations: Issues that may necessitate custom services include:

  1. Large or Complex WordPress sites.
  2. Complex database collation issues requiring manual support.
  3. Older WordPress sites.
  4. Complicated server setups or hosts that don’t follow traditional standards.
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