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Does Duplicator offer custom services?

Custom Services:

While our support staff is very helpful and can solve 99% of most issues. There are some situations in which custom services are needed to full-fill the migration needs when using the product. Duplicator currently does not contract out for custom services but we have partnered with Codeable which has helped over 8,000 businesses of all sizes and they have excellent track record. After you post a project, it usually takes 10 minutes for responses to arrive.

Full Service Migrations: If your looking for a developer to use Duplicator to perform a “Hands off Migration” for your site please visit All of the developers on Codeable will be able to use the Duplicator to migrate your site. These scenarios might be useful for:

  • For users of the plugin who want the guarantee of a developer to validate the work-flow
  • For newer users who don’t have time to learn the plugin.
  • For advanced WordPress users who just want the process done for them.

Complex-Migrations: Issues that might require custom services are:

  • Large or Complex WordPress sites
  • Complex Database collation issues that have to be manually supported
  • Older WordPress sites
  • Complex server setups or hosts that don’t follow traditional standards


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