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How to handle import install upload/launch issues?

Archive Upload Issues

Issue AImport Link
How to resolve import links not properly pulling down the archive?

Currently not every url will work with the import feature. Below is a table of what is currently supported.

Issue BImport File
How to resolve import file (drag-n-drop) archives not uploading?

Common Error Messages

AJAX ERROR! STATUS:403 Forbidden

Solution 1AJAX 403 Forbidden
In the event you receive a “AJAX ERROR! STATUS:403 Forbidden” message consider checking to make sure you do not have Imunify360 enabled. For more details see the FAQ itemHow to fix installer validation checks (Issue A)?.

If Imunify360 is not installedits possible you might have a .htaccess file that is preventing requests to access the proper server paths. In this case we recommend letting your host know or justtrying Solution 2 or 5.

Solution 2Manual Upload
If the file or link upload of the file is having issues simply FTP the archive file upto the server which will allow it to show in the import list. In order to manually uploada Duplicator archive follow these instructions:

  1. Open an FTP Client -OR- go to your host’s control panel (cPanel) file manager.
  2. Copy the file to the WordPress root -OR- to \wp-content\backups-dup-pro\imports directory.
    Note: The WordPress root is normally where your wp-config.php is located allow with the wp-admin and wp-content folders.
  3. Browse to Duplicator Pro > Import screen and look for the uploaded archive file in the archive list.


Installer Launch Issues

Issue CInstaller Start
How to resolve import installer launch issues?

Common Error Messages

Duplicator cannot launch Import because on this Server it isn’t possible to execute PHP scripts in folders:
– /var/www/htdocs/wp-content/backups-dup-pro/imports
– /var/www/htdocs/

cURL error 7: Failed to connect to localhost port 8080: Connection refused”

Solution 1Server Permissions
If you see a permission error in the log consider visiting this FAQ for solving various permission issues. I get an error/warning about file permissions what should I do?

Solution 2PHP Execution
There are several items you check if the location where the import installer file is trying to run does not allow PHP execution.

  1. htaccess File:A block via htaccess file. For example an .htaccess files placed in the wp-content folder that prevented execution might look like this:

    <Files *.php>
    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from all

    The presence of an .htaccess file in wp-content does not necessarily prevent execution. Solution: Temporarily rename the htaccess file

  2. Security Plugin: Some plugins like Wordfence “might” try to block the request. If this is the case try to temporarily disablethe plugin to see if it resolves the issue.
  3. Host or SoftwareIf the hosting has set the block via server setting the only solution is to ask the hosting to deactivate the block or change hostingOn other systems software like Secure 360 have the ability to prevent the execution of PHP files via cPanel settings.

Solution 3Install Modes
In the event your host does not allow for PHP execution in the directories where Duplicator is trying to run the import then you may need to switch to a differentInstall Mode. For example you could try an overwrite install mode by copying both the installer and archive tothe root directory, browse to https://{domain}/installer.php, then click ‘apply’ to reuse the database of the site you are overwriting. After that, just proceed with the install.

Solution 4Docker Container
If you are using Docker and running into curl errors consider changing how the port are setup. Modify the Apache2 conf inside the container so that Apache will respond inside on theoutside port.

See /etc/apache2/ports.confListen 80
Listen 8080

/etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf<VirtualHost *:*>For more detailsto this solution see stack overflow.

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