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Why are some of my plugins/images/links/styles not working?

Option 1: Plugin/Theme Issues

With over 100k+ plugins/themes available for WordPress it is difficult to know how they store data. Minor modification may need to be madeafter you have ran the installer. If your site is not working correctly its best to try and disable plugins and themes and re-save the settings ifapplicable.

If you’re unsure of the plugin that may be causing the issue try and run the installer again and disable the plugins at install time. This can be done on step 1 orstep 3 of the installer (see below). After the install is complete you can login to your wp-admin and individually enable each one to find out which plugin is causingthe particular issue.

Safe Mode:To quickly isolate common issues with your site try the settings below:

  • Installer: Step 1 > Options > Advanced > Safe Mode.
    • Basic Mode: This option will disable all plugins at install time.
    • Advanced Mode: Runs “Basic Mode” and re-saves theme settings during wp-admin login.
  • Installer: Step 3 > Options > Active Plugins to disable individual plugins one-by-one.

Note: Its recommended to first try “Basic” and then the “Advanced” option if the issue persists. If you suspect the plugin(s) causing the issue then justdisable those specific plugins on step 3. After logging into your wp-admin re-enable each plugin one-by-one and resave any settings if applicable till theproblem is isolated.


Option 2: Install Setup

Validate the install URL:On step 3 of the installer you are asked to enter a new URL. This step is very important as it will define the replace logic used to update all of your links.The ‘Old URL’ (see advanced options on step 3) is replaced with the ‘New URL’. This replace is an exact match.

If you find that a link did not get updated correctly, you will need to validate that the link was exactly the same as the ‘Old URL’ found in step two of the installer,if for any reason it was different then you will need to manually update that datafor that link.

Also pay close attention to the report in step 3 of the installer as it will help show you errors orwarnings in data that may have issues. Here are some checks you can make:

Additional Checks
  • WP-config file: Check the wp-config.php for additional logic which points to an old URL
  • Installer Report: Check install report on last step for no errors/warnings.
  • Functions File: Check the themes functions.php file for any hard-coded values or altered for custom work.
  • Apache .htaccess: Check to make sure no .htaccess rules are over-riding the URL rewrite.
    Also check the the /wp-content/uploads folder for improperly configured .htaccess files
Less Common Scenarios
  • Custom Plugins: Check for any plugins installed that mess with how your URLs work such as a redirect plugin.
  • Permalinks:Check out the write up on permalinks at
  • Hot linking:Temporarily disable any hot-linkingrestrictions. For cpanel users here is a quick rundown.
  • Search & Replace: For Duplicator Pro check to make sure custom search/replace terms.
    If after using this feature you run into issues, try the install without search and replace to see if the issue persists
If an individual theme or plugin is missing data you will be able to resolve your issue much faster by contacting the theme author or plugin author.Explain to them that you just migrated a website and the settings to their theme or plugin is not working correctly. They will be able to much betterassist you with the issue and help you isolate how to fix their theme or plugin than we can. However we are still here to help if you need us…

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