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Why do I get a blank/white screen on my site?

With millions of possible configurations it can be difficult for the Duplicator to catch every setup configuration during a migration. If you see a blank screen it may berelated to some of the issues below. Also it’s important to isolate the area that you’re seeing the blank screen on and do a bit of research to see what might becausing the issue. For example if your WordPress administrator comes up blank then it will be best to do a quick Google of the issue.Searching for something like “wp-admin comes up blank” will help point you in the right direction and getyou a quick answer.

Safe Mode:To quickly isolate common issues with your site try the settings below:

  • Installer: Step 1 > Options > Advanced > Safe Mode.
    • Basic Mode: This option will disable all plugins at install time.
    • Advanced Mode: Runs “Basic Mode” and re-saves theme settings during wp-admin login.
  • Installer: Step 3 > Options > Active Plugins to disable individual plugins one-by-one.

Note: Its recommended to first try “Basic” and then the “Advanced” option if the issue persists. If you suspect the plugin(s) causing the issue then justdisable those specific plugins on step 3. After logging into your wp-admin re-enable each plugin one-by-one and resave any settings if applicable till theproblem is isolated.

Please consider trying these options:

  1. WP-CONFIG: Make sure your wp-config.php file is correct and view the wp-config.php codex
  2. SERVER LOGS: Examine the WordPress error log as explained here. Also you may access all server error logs by going to cPanel > Statistics > Error Logs or using your host-specific control panel. If you don’t have direct access to the server logs ask your host support to look for any errors in the logs.
  3. BROWSER CONSOLE: Detect JavaScript errors by viewing your browser’s console while refreshing the page.
  4. VALIDATE PLUGINS: Disable all other plugins temporarily and see if the issue persists. If so then enable each plugin till you see where the plugin conflict occurs.
  5. PERMISSIONS: Check the permissions on plugins files. Directories should be 755 and files should be 644. You may need to reinstall and enable Advanced > Permissions Files (644) and Directories (755).
  6. CHANGE BROWSER: Open another web browser and check for the white screen. If it works in the new browser then it may be a browser cache issue. You can usually fix this by holding down ctrl+F5 or manually deleting your browser cache.
  7. CHECK THEME: Change to a new theme temporarily to validate a conflict may be theme specific.
  8. LOGIN/LOGOUT: Try to login or out of your admin to check and see if your session maybe got messed up.
  9. CACHE PLUGINS: Clear all your cache plugins. Sometimes they can cause issues.
  10. TROUBLESHOOT: Check the WordPress Troubleshoot Codex

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