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How to resolve WordPress migration issues?

Issue AWordPress Installer
Why is the WordPress installer showing up after I install?

This behavior should not happen and is usually caused by a corrupted database or data that was not transferred properly.Here are a few things you can perform if you see this issue:

Option 1Re-run the installer

– Running the installer again can help validate if the issue is persistent.
– Be sure that ONLY the archive and installer.php files are present in the install directory.
– Clear your browser cache and re-run the install process
– Pay close attention to the install report and look for any possible errors or notices
– If the WordPress installer screen shows up a second time consider looking into options 2 & 3 below.

Option 2Check log file

– After completing step 3 in the installer check the installer-log.txt
– Look for lines with **ERROR**. This indicates that data was not properly transfered to the new/existing database
– The installers MySQL server may not fully support the SQL script from the MySQL server where it was built
– See the following question for more details:
How to resolve database write issues?

Option 3Repair DB

– Run a repair and optimize on your database.
– Create a new package again
– Start over with a new install

Issue BDuring the archive extraction process the time taken to extract files is very slow.

Option 1Try a different “Extraction Mode”. See: Step 1 > Advanced Mode > Options > “Extraction Mode”. If your system supports a different extraction mode then try the other options.If the issue persists then try “Option 2” directly below.

Option 2Manually extracting the archive before attempting an install will solve any slow or problematic extraction issues. For a full overview of this process see the link below:

Issue CDuring the login tests you receive any of the following messages:

Error Messages

– Class ‘Memcached’ not found
– Memcached is not installed

Option 1Try removing the files “object-cache.php” in the wp-content directory on the newly installed machine.

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